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There is no difference at all cos a spray bottle is sealed all the time during the usage and hence will last longer. Its a matter of what you prefer

The only difference is the amount of oils in the fragrance which is known as the juice extract. So perfume having the highest amount will be stronger followed by EDP, EDT, EDC. So higher the concentration the fragrance will last longer.

Its due to the alcohol the fragrance comes out from the body, if there had been no alcohol you would be the only person to know that you are wearing a fragrance.

It entirely depends on the type of our skin that is , is it oily or dry and also on the ph levels. It is best to apply the fragrance on the neck and behind the ears, so that the scent rises and it will last longer.

Its because people who have a dry skin hold the fragrance for a short period of time compared to those with an oily skin, cos oily skin has more moisture to hold in. Also the ph levels vary which is the determining factor for a particular fragrance to react.

The various types of scents in fragrances are called as notes. The top notes last for 15 mins , the middle notes for an hour and the bottom notes usually for several hours.

Yes perfumes should be stored away from strong sunlight and extreme heat and cold conditions. The cap also should be tightly closed for the fragrance to remain intact.

To keep fragrance from not going bad store it in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight as it can unbalance the ingrdients.

Age, diet and body chemistry account for different smell in different people. Some oils are absorbed by the skin and some donot this accounts for the imbalance and the differnce.

Fragrance should be applied to pulse points which are wrist, behind the ear, base of the throat , crook of the arm and knee. Here the blood vessels are closer to the skin generating more heat and allowing the fragrance to blossom up.