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Our Quality

Backed with 20 years of Experience in contract manufacturing group is setting up the unit to cater Dommestic & International customer for For Private label contract Manufacturing.

Being an Adaptive vendor we emphasis to give our best at all three stages of the contract manufacturing arrangement viz:

We Followed The Core Values

  • Pre contract Planning and analysis.
  • Developing and managing relationship.
  • Post-contract implementation management by maintaining the confidentiality and trust.

  • Core of all the contract manufacturing arrangement is the FAITH and TRUST. By continuously nourishing the relationship we try to strengthen the BONDS with our flexible and principal friendly approach.
  • We understand that during the contracts Life, product requirement as well as markets dynamics can change, which requires innovative approach to handle the situation both at principal end and on vendor front to walk hand in hand and be winners.

Our Production Methodology revolves to imbibe international standard practices at each level and fulfilling all regulatory needs set as per international standards. We follow standards for good manufacturing practice at all level

1. Personnel

2. Premises and sanitation

3. Fragrance Ingredients: Quality Control and Storage

4. Manufacturing Operations

5. Labeling & Packaging

6. Quality Control

The Basic idea behind our methodology is to promote the concept of "SAFETY FIRST".

Whether it about products or the production/storage/quality process

We all agree that Human Life must be protected, and, also damage to the environment must be prevented.

To achieve the target of greater safety, we believe that it is necessary to follow more regulations stringently for enforcing safety aspects of plant & product.

The Safety of fragrance ingredients, which have been in common use over a long period of time, are being assessed by the absence of reports of adverse reactions before it is used in production. Fragrance ingredients, for which no adequate in-use experience exists, are used only after satisfactory evaluation according to the Standards.

Our Quality control process enables us:

  • To maintain product quality at desired level within previously determined limits of acceptability.
  • To recognize and take advantage of any possibility of narrowing these limits while keeping the average at the desired level.
  • To recognize and presumably eliminate the causes of excessive variation.
  • To reduce cost of production and inspection.
  • To foresee impending quality changes and to prevent them so far as possible

Standards are formulated for the following: FORMULATIONS

  • The formula is a concise and precise statement of the ingredients which compose the product, together with the percentage and /or weight of each. Since the formula is highly confidential nature, it is given preferable special setup to keep it apart from other standards.
  • Raw Material Specifications we follow the BIS standards layout for all raw material including ethanol and essential oils.
  • Operating Standards Are framed to produce the product with minimum variation. All process parameters have been tabulated at each process level and are stringently monitored for deviations.
  • Finished product standards They are formulated to cover all characteristics that are essential for the proper performance, durability and safety of the product. Apart from chemical and physical testing of finished products like odor, refractive index, clarity, acid value, solubility, ffc, density etc we follow various test for safety evaluation of cosmetics like Patch test for contact hypersensitivity as per IS 4011:1997 standards.
  • Packaging material standards They are framed for each component used in the packaging of the final product. Nearly all the times it is given by the client for whom we do contract manufacturing. We adhere to the client specification sheet while procuring and subsequently testing the same.
Sampling Policy

The sample is assumed to represent a lot. Nevertheless, procedures for securing a representative sample may not be well understood by the operators who are responsible for obtaining the samples so we do acceptance sampling to determine whether various lots of material may be safely passed.

  • When received at the plant.
  • When transferred in a partially processed state from one process toanother.
  • Operating Standards Are framed to produce the product with minimum variation. All process parameters have been tabulated at each process level and are stringently monitored for deviations.
  • When ready for shipment into the market
  • Testing Procedures

    Raw Material Testing

    Ethanol - Perfumery grade is tested as per BIS IS 1049-1957

    Essential Oils - Various test are carried out based on IS 326 standards for natural and synthetic perfumery like:

    Preliminary examination for :

    - Colour

    - Clarity

    - By-note as per IS 2284-1963

    • Refractive index
    • Determination of Ester value after acetylation and free alcohols
    • Determination of carbonyl value
    • Relative density
    • Determination of heavy metals
    • Determination of Phenols
    • Determination of melting point/range
    • Detection of chlorine

    Apart from the above test performed for essential oil Contact hypersensitivity test is performed as per IS 4011:1997 for safety evaluation of the cosmetics

    At Jai Shree Balaji Industries , we have built our business on trust and loyalty. We fully understand the necessity for total confidentiality, and we guarantee the safeguarding of each formulas and projects of customer . Unlike other companies, Jai Shree Balaji Industries is strictly a contract manufacturing company backed by a long 20 years of work experience.

    We have no product line of our own, and we never will. That is our promise to you an extra assurance that your secrets are safe with us.

    At Jai Shree Balaji Industries , we believe that the very best does not have to be the most expensive. Our technical, manufacturing, management and marketing experience enables us to deliver superior quality products at reasonable prices and to do it on time, every time. That is just one more aspect of theJai Shree Balaji Industries Advantage...